Saturday, September 5, 2015

Ode To A Japadog

You think you don’t want mayonnaise on a hot dog but you’re wrong. I get it. It sounds disgusting. But you’re speaking from a position of Japadog ignorance. I pity you now but, until a few months ago, I actually envied you. In 2013 I ate a Japadog in its natural environment on the streets of Vancouver. Then I came back to the states and was forced to suffer Japadog deprivation. I would have been better off not knowing what I was missing. But then the Hot Dog Gods smiled upon Southern California and gave us Japadog carts of our own. Now I can get me some Japanese hot dog fusion on a regular basis.

Japadog offers a wide variety of crazy/tasty combinations (including the noodle-smothered Yakisoba, the UME with onions and plum sauce, and the fish flaked Okonomi) but none are better than the Japadog that started it all, their signature Terimayo. It’s so good it made me write a tribute to it in the popular haiku form.

Teriaki dog--
A seaweed sprinkled wonder.
Mayo makes it good.

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