Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Peppermint Ho Hos

Hostess has made a seasonal peppermint Ho Ho. Seriously. They’ve replaced the regular old white filling of the regular old Ho Ho with peppermint crème.

In real life they may not look as pretty as they do in the picture on the package but they’re not half bad. Kind of like a softer version of the chocolate/mint Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie. Definitely worth a try if you like Ho Hos (which I do) and peppermint (which I kind of do.)

My only real problem with them is the name. It’s a Christmas Ho Ho. A Santa Ho Ho. Why didn’t they call them “Ho Ho Hos”? What a wasted opportunity. So, I took an Exacto knife and some glue and fixed my box. You’re more than welcome (encouraged, even) to do the same.

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