Tuesday, August 18, 2015

If Your Egg Roll Is Filled With Pulled Pork, You Might Be...

I’m grabbing a meal at Sonny’s BBQ. Sonny’s is a chain with locations across the south. Nothing out west, though, so I miss eating there now that I live in Los Angeles. Since I’m on a trip back to Kentucky I jumped at the opportunity to drop in and dunk some smoked meat in their sweet, sweet, Sweet Bar-B-Q Sauce. (Seriously, it’s the best sweet BBQ sauce I’ve ever eaten. If you reside in the wasteland of No Sonny’s that is the majority of the country do yourself a favor and buy some online. It’s the only way L.A. living is tolerable for me.)

So, anyway, I’m just about to order my food when our server asks, “Would you like to start with some eggrolls?” What? Since when does Sonny’s serve egg rolls? “They’re new,” a friend tells me. “And they’re good. You should try them. They call ‘em ‘Redneck Eggrolls’.” Okay. Why not? I’ll give them a shot. After all, rednecks are my ancestral people.

It turns out Redneck Egg Rolls are amazing! Slow-smoked pulled pork, jack cheese & coleslaw, fried up until golden brown and served with smoky ranch dipping sauce that I could eat by the spoonful.

 I’m not surprised Sonny’s improved the egg roll. We southerners have a way of sticking a couple of things together and making them better and distinctly our own. We jammed country music and rhythm & blues together to make rock & roll. We combined cotton and gin to make the cotton gin. Okay, that last one might not be the best example but I don’t have time to think up a real one. I’ve got Redneck Eggrolls to eat. Damn, these things are tasty! If you get the chance, grab 'em and growl, as my people say.

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