Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Candy Coal

My wife and I were combing the Christmas candy isle the other day looking for seasonal snacks. I found Peppermint Ho Hos but if it was a contest she clearly won because she found this:

It's candy coal! I always thought the idea of a bad kid being punished by a lump of coal in his stocking was funny. Candy coal is even better. It's kind of a “Dad Joke” but I don’t care. Christmas is prime time for Dad Jokes. The kid thinks he got coal. Big twist: It’s candy! Hilarity ensues. This stuff is comedy gold.

 How does it taste? It’s milk chocolate and crisped rice like a Nestle Crunch or a Hershey Krackel but maybe not quite that quality. 

Double Crisp Coal actually tastes a lot like the seasonal Crisp Kringle.

When you think about it, Double Crisp Candy Coal isn’t punishment for a year of bad deeds but it isn’t quite ultimate reward material either. It’s more like candy purgatory. Mmmm. Purgatory.

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