Thursday, December 24, 2015

North Pole Nutty Bars

I went through a Nutty Bar phase in high school. Creamy, sugared up peanut butter between crispy wafers, covered in chocolate… What’s not to love? I ate at least one a day. Well, I guess I kind of forgot about them somehow. Several years went by without a nutty bar making its way down to my belly. That’s just not right. And it might have continued had not Santa Claus gotten the elves at Little Debbie (With that name she has to be an elf herself, right? That or a 1950s country western singer.) to make a special holiday version.

They replaced the chocolate icing with vanilla (which could have been a step down but somehow isn’t), kept the peanut butter and wafers right where they belong, decorated it with a candy cane stripe of red icing, and called the whole thing a North Pole Nutty Bar. Brought me right back to the Nutty Bar fold. It’s a straight up Christmas miracle!

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