Friday, December 25, 2015

Chocolate Cherry Kisses

I've already discussed in these pages how the best way to eat a cherry cordial candy is in one bite so you get the cherry center pop. Well, if you don't have a giant mouth like me, eating them this way can be difficult. Don't worry, though. Old Man Hershey has come to your rescue by concocting an alternative the the big ol' traditional chocolate covered cherry lump. Behold the wonder that is the Cherry Cordial Hershey's Kiss!

It's a regulation Hershey's kiss hollowed out and filled with cherry cordial creme.

You don't get the whole cherry of the traditional cherry cordial but when you scale down the bite size you can't hang onto everything. If you like the chocolate/cherry candy flavor combo (and if you don't you need to put down the internet and head directly to your family physician to get your taste buds checked) then you'll love these things. Eat 'em one at a time. Or by the handful if you have a giant mouth like me.

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